2014 Season part 5

SUNDAY 27th July 2014

The weather forecasters were spot on with the outlook for the July Jurby Motodrome meeting. The rain arrived, as predicted, in the afternoon. The Track conditions worsened as the afternoon wore on. Centre Championship leader Ryan Kneen was not in action, due to the fact his race engine was in pieces and the upcoming Ulster Grand Prix was the main priority. This meant Glenn Harrison had a chance to seize the day.


Live timing became available to the commentary team for the first time in a number of seasons. This was downloaded and thanks to Matt Mylchreest’s portable hot spot smart phone, Paul Copparelli and Peter Mylchreest were able to give the riders’ times live during the morning practice, which seemed to be a great improvement for all. “Rockin” Dave Roberts made a surprise appearance on air and Curly Batty, who now seems to be as mad as the rest of the team, was doing a very passable impression of the witch from the wizard of Oz while watching a small tornado passing over the Bretney housing estate. However, later in the day, disaster struck as the amplifier stopped working. After all attempts to revive the four year old electrical machine, it was declared expired. The rain was by now heavy and the task of removing the speakers from their mounts was undertaken on Wobbly Step Ladder. With no racing at Jurby in the upcoming month of August the speakers needed to return to the safety of Onchan. Radio Faasaag’s day was done and the team departed after their traditional lap of the circuit. The water was now starting to pool in places, not good conditions.

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2014 Season part 4



The two Ryans, (Kneen and Cringle) put on a red hot show for the Jurby faithful at a sunny post -TT meeting. The day’s Centre Championship races saw a win apiece for the pair after two terrific duels under the blazing hot sun on a windless and warm summer’s day on the Great Northern Plain. Ryan Cringle added two 600 wins to his tally for good measure.Crowds were somewhat down for the post-T.T. event. This is understandable with a lot of people feeling all “biked out”.

Radio Faasaag’s Day

Following great improvements made by the Andreas Racing Association, setting up for a race day at the Jurby Motodrome has become a lot easier than before for the Race commentary team. It is now just a case of plugging into the pre-buried cables and then cranking up the generator to bring the speakers to life, “Cur bree er yn bealagh” Mr Mylchreest may well say if he were afforded the luxury of speaking in his native tongue! Paul and Peter were joined by Curly Batty who added her input to proceedings, while keeping a motherly eye on son Joe Broomfield, who was competing. Curly also provided her co-commentators with some excellent sausage and bacon baps. The rumblings of the “Private Idiots Club” got a little out of hand during practice with Peter noticing the two teepee shaped tents left over from the T.T. Motofest festival. The tents were on the exit from Nans corner. Comments included “if anyone goes too wide out of Nans they will be sitting in those tents with the Indians” and “I am sure I saw some smoke signals telling us the sidecars were approaching” In fact I am sure Paul was referring to the corner as Apache Pass. Enough! On to the racing….

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2014 Season part 3

Sunday 13th April 2014


Both Ryan Cringle and Ryan Kneen came back to the Motodrome leaving their Saturday blues behind. Callum Collister was passed fit to ride after a knock on the head during a multi-rider crash on Saturday. The Radio Faasaag team were also looking forward to Race Day Sunday.


Ryan Kneen was straight back on the pace in the opening Centre race of the day, taking a 3 second win over Ryan Cringle. Again Michael Evans was riding brilliantly and took the third step of the Metaphorical Podium. All the top ten riders were battling hard and made a great spectacle in the afternoon’s soft spring sunshine on the Great Northern Plain. Ashley Blake, the flying Port St Mary bricklayer, was in the fight, as was debut winner on Saturday, Glenn Harrison. In the mix was also Paul Dedman, the Ramsey motorcycle dealer, aboard his Suzuki, with Neal Champion, Callum Collister, Gary Carswell and Dave Madsen Mygdal on his Honda Fire blade making up the battling group. Race two saw a similar result, victory again for Ryan Kneen on the Charmer Brothers sponsored Kawasaki. This time he crossed the line 4 seconds ahead of a hard charging Callum Collister, whose last corner efforts payed off as he pipped Ryan Cringle on the line. Championship points-wise Glenn Harrison held a single point lead over Ryan Kneen by the end of Sunday’s action.

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