Get the best seats to watch the action at Jurby airfield

Signing on for Marshals at airfield meetings is 09.00 onwards at the control tower to be in position and ready for a 10.30 start.

The Control Tower is open from 09.00 for a hot cup of tea, coffee and biscuits, where you can choose your selection of baps as part of your lunch food pack. Together with a can of drink, packet of crisps and choc bars, plus a friendly chat before the action and the 10.30 start.
For those who intend to marshal and join as a social member before the first meeting they are eligible for a full refund on your annual subs, just bring your marshal’s membership card together with your social membership card to the Race Secretary Sarah Blake in the race office.
Shaun McGowan is our Chief Marshal, if you have any questions please contact Shaun who will help you.


Shaun McGowan (Chief Marshal)
Tel: 07624 318414