Peter Mylchreests 2016 Season Review

Season Review 2016

On the 16th of March 2016, the 46th year of racing for the Centre Championship got underway at a two-day meeting at Jurby Airfield.


First Blood To The Bullet

Ryan Cringle stepped up to the plate and his all action style paid dividends with a three out of four wins in the opening Centre rounds. However, it was Ramsey rider Andrew Dudgeon who took the opening race for the 2016 Centre title. Dudgeon, again was on a Slick Bass entered machine. The reigning Centre Champion, Callum Collister, now in his 11th season of racing, and was planning to reduce his racing in 2016, came home in third place on the Martin Bullock Manx sport Honda. Ryan Cringle was second in the Saturday centre opener. He, however, turned the tables on his Ramsey rival in race two. Again, Callum Collister came home third. In fourth place was David Quine, starting a great season which was to see him drafted into the Martin Bullock team by the season’s end.

Sunday saw the flying Ryan Cringle do the double on his KPC Construction sponsored Triumph. Still pushing hard Andrew Dudgeon keep 22-year-old Ryan honest in both events of the Centre Championship. Callum Collister was in second place in race two. The pattern was beginning to form for the season.

The Beare Man In Command

Australian Island resident Dwight Beare took command of the sidecar Centre Championship in the opening March two day meeting. The likeable Aussie for the 2016 season, had Ben Binns, a previous Centre champion with Dave Molyneux, in the chair. The Dwight /Binns pairing took three out of the four Centre race on their colourful faired LCR machine.

Karl Bennett denied Dwight Beare a clean sweep winning race two. On the Saturday, Dwight Beare, the first Australian to win on the airfield would, by the summer’s end be the first posthumous winner of the centre title tragically losing his life in a crash on the TT course.


Cringle Takes The 600

Ryan Cringle continued to mirror his Centre Championship form in the 600-club class. This once very popular class was to see a dwindling number of riders competing to the point of only three riders in a race by the short season’s end.  In the opening round, it was again the batting pair of Ryan Cringle and Andrew Dudgeon who keep the crowd entertained.  On day two Sunday, Ryan Cringle continued to dominate proceedings. Manx Grand Prix winner Si Fulton was in the mix taking a third place. Callum Collister again featured at the front end of the field.


Post Classic Bass Battle

The Bass Brothers, Lee and Darren were to feature in this popular Championship Both riding similarly livered team machine Honda’s, Lee, took a win on Saturday. Chris Moffitt, nephew of the Willaston Warrior Dave Moffitt took two wins on Sunday.


Dudge Dread Rules

Andrew Dudgeon stamped his authority on the SST class with three wins out of four races.  Callum Collister took the opening race on Saturday to stop Dudgeon making a clean sweep; Dave Moffitt bashed his shield and boomed around the airfield in fine form again.


Dean The Steel Frame Man

Dean Osborne stole the show in the steel frame class with three out of four class wins in the March two day opener. He blotted his copy book with a fall in the final Sunday race.  Chris Bulley, featured well on the Gorilla Racing bike raced to the 2013 title by Matt Mylchreest.



Taylor Made Winner In The 400 class

Dave Taylor took two wins from four over the weekend in the 400 class.

Lee bass was one of the other winners and up and coming Chris Moffitt the other. Although new 400’s have not been produced for a number of years this class still remains popular.


Classic Cowie’s Kawasaki Takes The Win

This not too well supported class saw the sleek Kawasaki of Ramsey man, Andrew Cowie, victorious.

Three different wins in clubmans

Clearly it was not going to be a repeat of Busman Brendan Fargher’s 2015 efforts which saw him win every round of the 2015 season. Three different winners in the opening rounds: Chris Bulley on the Gorilla racing bike, beefy, Belgian, ball booter, Terry Rigaux and Elliot Stutt were the three winners.

Radio Faasaag’s Day

The opening meeting of a new Road Racing season always sees the race commentators of the self -styled Radio Faasaag a little ring rusty. But once the day goes on identifying the riders becomes clear. At one time Peter Mylchreest was a lone voice on the mic but it is always good to have a few voices. Paul Copparelli joined the tumbling mirth a few years ago, and the two became a double act. Along then came Dave Roberts to add his vast Motorcycle racing knowledge. Dave or Rockin Dave as he is sometimes known, lives, sleeps and breathes motorcycle racing. He spends a lot of time going to BSB rounds and Moto GP. On the day… good equipment working well, new flags flying hurrah…


17TH May Pre-TT Meeting

Centre Championship continues to be dominated by Ryan Cringle with two wins again over Andrew Dudgeon and Callum Collister who was in absentia. The howling Triumph of Ryan Cringle set about his two centre wins with his usual all action style. Busman Brendan Faragher who in 2015 owned the clubman’s class winning every round was now setting about scoring many in the Centre Championship. Set to make his Manx Grand Prix debut his short circuit, his skills were certainly outstanding. His highest placing 4th in the day’s opening round.

No Sidecars  On Track

There were no sidecar races at the Jurby May meeting. This was due to a lack of entries.

600 Club Cringle Again

Ryan Cringle took the two class wins in may again his main rival was Andrew Dudgeon. David Quine again impressed. Scoring a good 4th place.


Moffitt Mugs The Bass Boys

Riding well in 2016 young Chris Moffitt took his Kawasaki to a May Day double class win. Ahead of the battling Bass brothers it was Lee who powered to second place.


Dudgeon Marches On In ST&T

Andrew Dudgeon continued his march on the Single, Twins and Triples class of 2016. With his sights set on road racing action on the mountain course to come in August he was still razor sharp in short circuit mode aboard his rapid Slick bass machine. Old warrior Dave Moffitt showed the Jurby faithful he had lost none of his fire, but was beaten on this occasion by his younger rival the Ramsey man, Dudgeon.


Carnie Take The Wins

Jason Cairnie made his bid for the steel frame championship in the May airfield meeting with the absence of steel frame strong man of 2016 Dean Osborne. Jason took full advantage with two wins and a bag of points bigger than any bag you could buy at Jurby Junk. Michael Brew was second in both races.


Taylor At The Double

Dave Taylor is a long established 400 rider and was to take two wins over Chris Moffitt. The Bass brothers again were pushing to the front of the action.


Classic Cowie Again

Rolling out the Kawasaki again Ramsey rider Andrew Cowie dominated the classic class. Evergreen Bob Simmons continued to ply his trade on his rasping two-stroke.

Stutt and Stennett take the wins in the clubman’s.  Elliot Stutt was riding well to score a win in the clubman’s in the opening race; young Chris Moffitt was second; the big silverback himself, Gus Turner, the top banana of Gorilla Racing was third. Race two saw Frankie Stennett take his Triumph to a class win again Chris Moffitt second and Jason Carnie continuing his good day in third.


25th September

The final two championship races saw Ryan Cringle who was now resident in Ballagarey so should be renamed the Ballagarey bullet. He took only 4th place from a returning 2013 centre champion, Joe Faragher, who took victory. Race two, in a lack lustre meeting, Andrew Dudgeon took the final win to top and tail the season as he was the winner of the opening round. But the points were in the favour of Ryan Cringle taking his first Centre Championship.

Double top for Ryan in 600 class

Ryan Cringle took the double win and the honour of a clean sweep of wins in this class for the short season. The once thriving axe murderers class had full fields of up to 30 riders, only three riders took part in the final 600 club race of 2016.



Double Win For Neal

A double win for reading rider Neal champion in the final which elevated him to 5th place in the season’s points tally. But Chris Moffittt’s 5th place in the season’s points race saw the Douglas rider riding Ago Murphy’s bike take a narrow 3-point lead over Lee Bass for the title.


Season Summary

Disappointment in the increasingly low turnout of riders, coupled with medical cover issues and the bad weather made the 2016 season at Jurby not one of the best in recent years.

Ryan Cringle took the title in a very short season, however the rider, now resident in Ballagarey deserved the title having shown great form over the past three seasons. The 22-year-old also on top form in the off-road world and leading the island moto cross title chase. Also taking the 600-club tittle in 2016, this feat performed in the past by (info please) At the very last meeting in September Joe Faragher announced his return to race winning form with a win in the final centre race. This could well be a prelude to a tilt at the title Joe won in 2013. The horror crash at the TT saw Joe struggle to return to fitness, but his warning shot in September shows the Ballagarey Bullet could well face a strong challenge from mighty Joe in 2017

The closest Championship on points was the Centre sidecar. This was also the saddest, the title going posthumously to Dwight Beare. The Australian man from Dalesford on his brightly coloured machine dominated the early rounds of the championship. The bearded man was never without a smile on his face and a true character. His passenger Ben Binns brought a great deal to the effort with his passenger skills and the pair looked set to do great things in 2016. The last conversation I had with Dwight he had just returned from a race at Donington Park, he said they had rough time with engine problems “I hope we have used up all our bad luck before the TT “he said Prophetic words indeed and alas there was to be the fatal crash on the opening lap near Rencullen. Ben survived with serous leg injuries, but the fire had gone out we will not see the Beare man again. RIP


Steel Frame Stories

The popular series started ten years ago, in 2006. The class is for steel frame machines, so this usually means 1999 bikes are used and the most popular of these is the CB 600 Honda. In fact, it has been a Honda that has won every championship. No rider has won more than one title, so there have been 11 different winners. Most riders have used this class as a stepping stone and moved on to modern machinery. The first winner Rob Alton, who for many years competed in trials, being an exception to this statement.  2007 title winner John Hulley no longer competes. In 2008 John Millhouse won every round of the series and was dubbed “Full House” Millhouse by the Radio Faasaag sound monkeys. Jonathan Woodward the 2009 winner went on to compete in the Manx Grand Prix. In 2010 the steel frame title went to Richard Breggazi. Richard is still riding in 2016 and competes on the airfield successfully in the 650-twin’s class. The 2011 winner Douglas man, John Taubman, now confines his efforts to tuning motorcycles and no longer rides at the Northern Plain venue. Big Mally from the Laxey valley. Mally Oates, the 2012 winner has not ridden for a couple of seasons. In 2013 Matt Mylchreest took the title after a grandstand finish to the season battling Mally Oates right down to the final race of the season. Matt now competes on the roads in the Southern 100 and has ridden the Mountain circuit twice in the Manx Grand Prix. Steam train driver Eddie Venn took the 2014 title riding his Honda. The man from the big shed in Onchan also went on to compete on the roads following his steel frame victory. Lewis Parkinson was the Steel frame king pin of 2015 on his all white CB 600 Honda. Dean Osborne dominated proceedings in 2016 to win the club championship for the steel frames in 2016.

The series continues to be popular and is a good platform for up and coming riders to compete on machinery, which in the ever-increasing cost of motor cycle racing, is relatively cheap to compete in.


Oulton Park Odyssey 2016

Two of the party of three had not visited Oulton Park in Cheshire for some 20 years. The annual bike trip in 2016 turned out to be the British Superbike round at Oulton park in September.

Peter Mylchreest, Paul Copparelli and Tony Preston were the three musketeers who ventured forth from Mona’s Isle to the leafy Cheshire venue.

The British Superbike series is considered one of the best domestic Championships in the world. Having tasted the BSB action before this writer would agree with that statement.

The BSB certainly is big business, with massive trucks, team support and corporate hospitality units filling the paddock.

Perhaps the statement attributed to Guy Martin is correct that the BSB riders are all “Sunglasses and Hair gel”

Through the paddock at Oulton Park the three amigos walked marvelling at the aforementioned motorhomes and massive transporters and hospitality units. “There goes rock star Keith Flint” oh and “There is the Eurosport team of Jamie Whitam, Matt Baker and Steve Parrish preparing to do a piece to camera” all good stuff indeed for the Manx travellers to see.

Past went Shakey Byrne on his paddock scooter, sadly for the Isle of Sheppey chappie he did not have the best of days that day falling off his Ducati and non -point scoring. By Sunday we again sampled some retail theory at many stalls. “Brum” past went Shakey again on his paddock scooter, complete with Mrs Byrne on the back. Race two at Oulton again was not a happy affair for the rider of the be wiser Ducati. This lead us to believe that his race day encounters with our band of Island company was not bringing him the best of luck!

The racing was good at the BSB Oulton round. We viewed the action from all around the circuit in the three days we attended. Oulton provides a good viewing getting close to the action. The verdict from my comrades that Brands Hatch, which we attended was probably better for facilities and track side watching but Oulton Park is nearer to get to and I thought well worth another BSB visit in the future.


Peter Mylchreest 2016