Change of Date for May Enduro

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The SMCC May H&H Enduro will now run on Monday May 1st at Carnagrie, this is due to a clash of dates with the Cyclefest which meant road closures around the South of the island.

Sign on will be on Wednesday 26th April at Tynwald Hill Inn 8pm at St Johns.

Full regs to follow:

• Riders aged 14 to 16yrs Machines must be a min. of 80cc and a max.
150cc (regardless of two or four stroke engine).
• Riders aged 12 to 14 yrs Machines must be a min. of 80cc and a max. 85cc (regardless of two or four stroke engine).


Motocross bikes may be used.

Easter Monday Enduro 2017 Results

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The riders that were missing from the provisional results have been added, they were not in the results because they were not on the original entry list that we were using. It would be nice to see more of you guys coming to the pub on the Wednesday night to sign on to give us time to compile the entry list, it’s also a good way to find out information about the event instead of relying on social media. Cheers Bob


Final Easter Moday Enduro results 2017




Easter Monday Enduro 2017

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In a change to the usual venue and format Easter Monday’s event will be an IoM Centre and SMCC Club Timecard Enduro.

Starting from Carnagrie on Easter Monday April 17th with special tests on the clubs land as well as a plantation test. Both tests should be straight forward and flowing and enjoyable for all riding levels.

Sign online or at the Tynwald Inn on the Wednesday before the event.

There will be food on sale at Carnagrie and results publish directly after the event (if all goes to plan).

Easter Monday Regs

Unfortunately the annual Ffinlo Crellin memorial trial scheduled for this weekend March 12th has been postponed.

It will be run sometime over the summer hopefully in lovely weather!


Dalby Enduro Centre Round 1 Results

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The 2017 SMCC Club and Isle of Man Centre Enduro Championship kicked off at Carnagrie Feb 12th 2017. With clear skys a little sunshine and a little ice covering any standing water.

Special Tests at Dalby Mountain on Jonny Massan’s land with dry frosty ground was welcome and then on to Cringle for the second test. Wet weather had caused a change of route in Cringle and the test was shorter and more downhill to protect the land. With some entertaining log sections early on and a hedge ride for the sure footed with a ditch to catch the less balanced. Both test routes were complimented by David Knight who is known for his honesty!

With 2 world champions in the mix it was always going to be Danny McCanney v David Knight with the former setting off on the first minute and Knight a minute behind. Generally it was Knight first man into and out of each test with Danny hanging back a little making navigation a little more straight forward in the initial laps.

After 8 tests and 4hours of riding it was KTM mounted Knight that took the honours overall leading McCanney’s Husqvarna by 13 seconds at the finish. Final podium spot went to former centre champion Chris Madigan who’s metronomic pace was too much for regular rival Ollie Megson. Craig Norrey was solid 5th still displaying the loose and explosive style that makes him a spectators favourite.

Top 3 in clubman were split by less than a minute with the win going to aimiable plumber Ashley Kelly with Sam Corlett and Dom Kelly in the top 3 former champion Stuart Storie dropping down to Expert had a solid fourth. With Ramsey MCC joining the calendar this year it would good to see some of our northern friends back down south. Former front runner Eric Herdman got ahead of all the expert class by skipping the Dalby test and proceeding straight to Cringle a quick about turn made sure he recorded times at each test with no late penalties.

Super Vets

New for 2017 is the over 50+ class this has generated a excitment amongst the more antique members of the motorcycling fraternity. The field was a healthy 9 entrants who rode enduros before hydration rucksacks and roll off googles. These lads who know how to gap points, tickle a carb (and your Mrs.) and hark back to the days of rarely washed woolly jumpers to keep the mud off. Old steeds were dusted off or in some cases swapped their kids inheritance in favour of a brand new Yamaha.

With multiple ISDE medals across the class it was always going to be competitive battle. Suprise winner was Stephen Corlett who had been keeping class favourite Robert Quayle honest all day only to be handed the win as ‘Bodger‘ dropped 30 seconds on the final Cringle test. Club stalwart Chuck Bregazzi rounded out the podium head of rockship 450 mounted Nigel Beaumont.


Former youth trials rider Matthew Asbridge was a clear winner in the sportsman class setting both consistent and fast times accross all tests. Second place was Richard Robinson followed home by Michael Keeling who had a torrid time on the first lap in Dalby.

Thanks go to Jonny Massan for the constant support of Dalby land, DEFA for the plantation access. Hogg Ambulance crews, Alan Heath and Jack Collins for the Cringle Test. Dave Leech and Richard Robinson for Dalby, Brenda Crellin, timekeepers Steph Curphey, Clague family. Food was laid on by riders wives and girlfriends at Carnagrie (volunteers welcome).

Dalby Mountain 2017 Results